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Best Teeth Whitening dental clinic in Vadodara

Your dressing is never complete without wearing a sparkling and a beautiful smile!It is also known commonly as Bleaching. It refers to restoration of normal color to a tooth by decolorizing the stain present, with the help of bleaching agents. Thus, resulting in a whiter , brighter and pleasing smile.Indications:

Aesthetic (cosmetic purpose) or in case of yellow teeth.

Stained teeth/ Discolored teeth.

The teeth maybe stained due to following reasons:

  • Trauma to a tooth by a fall / blow resulting in direct impact to the nerve causes decomposition of pulp (nerve) tissue which result in discoloration of the tooth.
  • Medicament like tetracycline group of antibiotics, tend to stains teeth.
  • Following root canal treatment.
  • Extrinsic stains (due to tobacco, coffee, tea, smoking etc.)

Bleaching agents used are:

Superoxol (30% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Sodium perborate

Carbamide peroxide 20%


Office Bleaching:

The procedure is done in the dental clinic by the dentist. It is a single sitting procedure where in the desired result is immediate.

Office assisted or Home Bleaching:

The procedure is simple, painless and can be done at home by the patient himself with the help of Bleaching trays (custom made) which are provided along with the bleaching agent to the patient. Relevant instructions are given. The patient uses the bleaching agent overnight. With constant monitoring, the bleaching is generally completed in 3-4 session. (10-15 days).


-We have enchanced more than 4,000 smiles by teeth whitening through our journey of 34 years

-We promise instant results in one sitting

-Average treatment duration: 45 minutes

-We use special bleaching lights to ensure top results and the quick cycles of teeth whitening

-We promise a change of 3/4 shades in almost all cases , resulting in a clean, brighter and pleasing smile

-Top quality ,US-FDA approved bleaching agents are used

-The results stay for atleast 2½ years and can last for much longer if maintained properly

-It is absolutely safe – No side effects. The enamel of the teeth is not harmed in any way

-Quit Smoking by using teeth whitening as motivation. We have numerous patients who have successfully quit smoking after the treatment and our thorough counseling.