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Dental Crowns & Bridges | Natural teeth

Dental Crown (often called a cap) is an artificial cover that restores a decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape and size. It is used for protecting the surface of a tooth that is cracked or broken.


Crown is used to protect a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment, to protect teeth with large fillings, to correct a cosmetic problem, to correct a bite problem, to replace existing broken or poor fitting crowns.


Dental Bridge

A Dental Bridge is basically a number of crowns connected together. A Bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. In this procedure, support is taken from one/more adjacent teeth. It is a universally accepted technique because it is simple, painless, and economical.

It requires minimum sittings. A dental bridge is a fixed solution for missing teeth.


The types crowns/bridges we provide are:

1: All metal:

They are the strongest and most durable crowns available. But, shade of the teeth cannot be matched. Thus, they are used for posterior teeth. They can be used when the space available for crown placement is minimum.


2: Porcelain (ceramic) fused to metal:

This type of crown involves a metal layer to which porcelain is fused. So, the required shade can be achieved. They are highly durable. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth.

3: Zirconium (metal free) :

They are highly aesthetic , metal free , biocompatible, extremely tough and long lasting. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth.


Benefits of Crown

-Restores and gives strength a tooth after root canal.

-Supports a tooth that is badly decayed or has a large filling.

-Protects a worn out tooth.

-Covers an implant.

-Can also improve the appearance of crooked or mal-aligned teeth.

-Can improve appearance of dis-coloured tooth/teeth.


Benefits of Bridge

-Replaces missing teeth, restoring the aesthetics of a natural tooth

the natural chewing ability

the bite, in case of a collapsed bite

proper speech

-Prevents over eruption of opposing teeth, prevents drift/ tipping of adjacent teeth.

-Prevents gum pocket formation, prevents tooth decay

-Prevents bone loss thus preventing periodontal disease.


Tooth Preparation for a Dental Crown/Bridge:


-The main aim of this treatment is to re-create the natural tooth shape , size , shade and function.

-The tooth/teeth are shaped so as to receive a dental crown.

-This involves filling decayed or damaged or root canal treated teeth and then reducing a specific amount of tooth structure from few/all sides.

-The amount of tooth structre lost/removed is then replaced by the dental crown that sits upon the tooth.