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Dental Treatments

Your teeth play an important part in your daily life. It not only helps you to chew and eat your food, but frames your face. Any dental problem can have a major impact on your quality of life.

Clear Aligners

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are also known as invisible aligners. They fix misaligned teeth and are a nearly invisible and removable alternative to braces.

The aligner trays are commonly made of BPA-free plastic and are custom-made for every patient. Each tray discreetly moves the teeth in small increments. This helps you achieve a straighter smile.

Some aligners don’t touch your gums at all. They’re trimmed to comfortably sit along your gum line in a ‘scalloped fashion.’ This design makes the trays less irritating and even more ‘invisible.’

How do aligners work?

Aligners are designed to make small movements at a time by putting gentle pressure on your teeth. That pressure is transferred through your roots to your jaws.

Your jawbone responds to forces by essentially moving the sockets, and your teeth go along for the ride.

Because the changes from aligner to aligner are small, treatment with aligner technology tends to be gentle and comfortable.

Aligners need to be worn 22 hours per day to be effective. This leaves time for eating, brushing, and flossing without aligners in.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, the first place that probably comes to mind is New York, Los Angeles or maybe even London. But what about India? Vadodara, in particular, is a hub for cosmetic dentistry and provides an array of services for those who want to enhance their smile. At NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE dental clinic you can choose from teeth whitening to dental implants and of course cosmetic dentistry.


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental science that deals with the improvement of a person’s smile. It involves various procedures such as teeth whitening, teeth bonding, tooth veneers treatment, and reshaping. This type of dentistry is usually done by cosmetic dentists.


Cosmetic dentistry can be used to correct a wide variety of dental problems. For instance, it can be used to close gaps between teeth, repair chipped or broken teeth, and change the shape or size of teeth. It can also be used to improve the alignment of teeth and to brighten up a person’s smile.


There are many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Firstly, it can help to boost a person’s self-confidence. Secondly, it can help to improve a person’s oral health. Thirdly, it can provide people with a better quality of life. Fourthly, it can save people money in the long run by preventing further dental problems from occurring.


If you are considering undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Vadodara, then you should make an appointment with a reputable best cosmetic dentist in Vadodara – NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE.


The Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Vadodara

There are many different types of cosmetic dentistry, and each type has its own benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry you can choose from cosmetic dental clinic:

Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and Onlays are used to repair damage to the tooth enamel. They are made from porcelain or composite material, and they can be color-matched to your natural tooth color.

Dental bonding: Dental bonding is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of

your teeth. It involves applying a tooth-colored resin to the teeth, which can then be sculpted into the desired shape.

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry. It can be done in-office or at home, and it can make your teeth several shades brighter.

Veneers: Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. They can be used to correct a variety of dental problems, including gaps, chips, and stains.

Implants: Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. They involve surgically placing titanium posts into the jawbone, which acts as a foundation for artificial teeth.

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dentist services in Vadodara and Gurgaon, there are a lot of things to consider. First and foremost, you need to decide if you want to undergo the treatment. If you do, then you need to find a reputable clinic that can provide you with the services you require.

There are several benefits that come with cosmetic dentistry. One of the most obvious is that it can improve your appearance. If you have teeth that are stained or misshapen, getting them fixed can give you a major confidence boost. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry can also help to improve your oral health. For example, if you have missing teeth, getting dental implants can help to prevent bone loss in your jaw and keep your remaining teeth from shifting out of place.


Of course, there are also some risks associated with dental treatment procedures. As with any type of surgery, there is always the potential for complications. Before undergoing any treatment, be sure to speak with your dentist about the possible risks and side effects. In most cases, however, these risks are minimal and can be easily managed by an experienced dentist or doctor.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Vadodara, India

The cosmetic dentistry cost at our clinic can be quite reasonable.


The average cost of a basic teeth whitening treatment in Vadodara, India is around Rs 1500 – Rs 5000. For more advanced procedures such as veneers and dental implants, the average cost can range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1 lakh or even more.

Why Choose Us?

NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE, best dentist in Vadodara NCR and Gurgaon offers the best cosmetic dental treatment in Vadodara. It is a great way to get your smile back to its natural best. With our leading dental clinic offering quality treatments at affordable prices, it’s no wonder why more people are choosing cosmetic dentistry in India for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for whitening or veneers, rest assured that NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE has the perfect solution for you. If you have any questions about cosmetic dentists in Vadodara, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment today!

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Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges | Natural teeth

Dental Crown (often called a cap) is an artificial cover that restores a decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape and size. It is used for protecting the surface of a tooth that is cracked or broken.


Crown is used to protect a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment, to protect teeth with large fillings, to correct a cosmetic problem, to correct a bite problem, to replace existing broken or poor fitting crowns.


Dental Bridge

A Dental Bridge is basically a number of crowns connected together. A Bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. In this procedure, support is taken from one/more adjacent teeth. It is a universally accepted technique because it is simple, painless, and economical.

It requires minimum sittings. A dental bridge is a fixed solution for missing teeth.


The types crowns/bridges we provide are:

1: All metal:

They are the strongest and most durable crowns available. But, shade of the teeth cannot be matched. Thus, they are used for posterior teeth. They can be used when the space available for crown placement is minimum.


2: Porcelain (ceramic) fused to metal:

This type of crown involves a metal layer to which porcelain is fused. So, the required shade can be achieved. They are highly durable. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth.

3: Zirconium (metal free) :

They are highly aesthetic , metal free , biocompatible, extremely tough and long lasting. They can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth.


Benefits of Crown

-Restores and gives strength a tooth after root canal.

-Supports a tooth that is badly decayed or has a large filling.

-Protects a worn out tooth.

-Covers an implant.

-Can also improve the appearance of crooked or mal-aligned teeth.

-Can improve appearance of dis-coloured tooth/teeth.


Benefits of Bridge

-Replaces missing teeth, restoring the aesthetics of a natural tooth

the natural chewing ability

the bite, in case of a collapsed bite

proper speech

-Prevents over eruption of opposing teeth, prevents drift/ tipping of adjacent teeth.

-Prevents gum pocket formation, prevents tooth decay

-Prevents bone loss thus preventing periodontal disease.


Tooth Preparation for a Dental Crown/Bridge:


-The main aim of this treatment is to re-create the natural tooth shape , size , shade and function.

-The tooth/teeth are shaped so as to receive a dental crown.

-This involves filling decayed or damaged or root canal treated teeth and then reducing a specific amount of tooth structure from few/all sides.

-The amount of tooth structre lost/removed is then replaced by the dental crown that sits upon the tooth.

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Dental braces

Dental braces are used in orthodontics to align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person's bite, while also aiming to improve dental health. They are often used to correct underbites, as well as malocclusions, overbites, open bites, gaps, deep bites, cross bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws of the teeth and jaw.

Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Dental braces are often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help widen the palate or jaws and to otherwise assist in shaping the teeth and jaws.Many children and teens wear braces, but adult braces are common, too.

· How do braces work?

Braces use mild, constant pressure to shift your teeth into their proper positions over time. The exact way this happens depends on the type of braces you choose.

· What are the types of braces?

There are several different types of braces. The type that’s best for you depends on a few factors, including the kind of issue you have, the severity of your condition and your personal preferences.

Metal braces

When you think of braces, traditional metal braces might be what you imagine. Metal braces use stainless steel bands, brackets and wires to gently shift your teeth over time.

A dentist or orthodontist will bond (glue) a bracket on each tooth, then place a thin, flexible archwire over the brackets. Tiny elastic bands called ligatures keep the wire firmly in place.

Metal braces are visible when you smile. You can choose clear or tooth-colored ligatures to make your braces less noticeable. Or, if you’re feeling festive, you can choose brightly colored ligatures.

Ceramic braces Ceramic braces — sometimes called clear braces — work the same way as metal braces. The key difference is that the brackets, wires and ligatures are tooth-colored, so they blend in with your smile. Ceramic braces are still visible, but they’re less noticeable. One

drawback to ceramic braces is that they’re more fragile than metal braces, so they’re more likely to break.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces. But they go on the back surfaces of your teeth instead of the front. Most people who choose lingual braces do so because they don’t want other people to be able to tell they have braces.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces look similar to traditional metal braces. The main difference is that, instead of ligatures (tiny elastic bands), self-ligating braces use a built-in system to hold the archwire in place.

· What age is best for braces? You’re never too old for orthodontics. That said, the best time for braces is generally between the ages of 9 and 14. At this point, your jaws and facial bones are more malleable (flexible) because they’re still developing. Adult braces are just as effective, but it might take a little longer to achieve the desired results.


How long do braces take to work?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. On average, braces treatment takes about two years to complete. But it depends on the severity of misalignment. Some people finish treatment in under 12 months. Others may need as long as three years.


What are the benefits of dental braces?

The most obvious advantage of braces is a straighter, more beautiful smile. But braces can also:

· Make your teeth easier to clean. · Help prevent cavities and gum disease. · Correct temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

· Restore proper functions like chewing and speaking.

In short, braces can improve the health, function and appearance of your smile.

What are the normal side effects of braces?

There are some mild, expected side effects of braces, including:

· Temporary discomfort (which usually occurs the first day and any time your dentist tightens your braces). · Irritation on your tongue, lips or inner cheeks. · Jaw pain.

· Difficulty eating (especially after a tightening).

You can manage most of these side effects with over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers. You can also purchase dental wax for braces at your local pharmacy to help with irritation inside your mouth. Simply place some wax over any rough-feeling brackets or wire.


Do braces hurt?

You’ll likely have discomfort for a few days after you get your braces. Some people experience tenderness after routine tightening, too. But generally, your braces shouldn’t hurt.

How should I care for my braces? Proper oral hygiene is even more important when you wear braces. Plaque and tartar can build up around your brackets and wires, leading to cavities and gingivitis.

We will give you a detailed list of instructions for taking care of your braces. But here are a few general guidelines:

· Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

· Floss between your teeth and around your braces once a day. (Ask your dentist or orthodontist about special floss for braces.)

· If you have clear aligners, clean them every day and store them properly when you’re not wearing them.

· Swish with an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash twice a day.

· Avoid hard, crunchy or sticky foods.

· Visit your orthodontist regularly for tightening and maintenance.

· Visit us regularly for cleanings and routine dental care.

How can I maintain my results after braces? Anyone who wears braces will need to wear a teeth retainer when they’re done with treatment. A retainer prevents your teeth from shifting back into their old positions.

There are many types of retainers. We will help choose one that’s right for you.

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Dental Caries

What are Dental Caries?

Dental caries is a term used by dentists, as to refer the condition of tooth decay or cavities. This condition of tooth decaying is growing rapidly nowadays and are much visible in people due to their eating and hygiene factors. But doctors nowadays got the solution to resolve this problem and also to prevent it from happening. The processor way in which it causes your teeth to decay is when you consume some food item and the type of bacterial element present on your teeth continues to break them down by producing some acidic component.

This type of bacteria stays on remaining to your teeth, entrenched as a very hard constituent which is called as calculus. This process stays goes on loop and thus a person needs to follow Dental Hygiene by cleansing their tooth on a regular basis so that it doesn’t form a layer of acid that has the ability to seriously damage the hard tissue of your tooth. After which it can result in the formation of dental cavities(caries).

What are the Causes of Dental Caries? And How to Prevent Dental Caries

If the personal dental hygiene is not being followed by someone then the person can generally notice Dental Carries on two main specific areas of the teeth: –

1. Occlusal caries

2. Interproximal caries

The occlusal caries are located on the uppermost of the tooth where the food elements are more usually and recurrently come in straight interaction with the teeth. Now talking about Interproximal caries, this dental caries develop a mid to the teeth. These two locations in a human mouth are more likely to get the problems of tooth decay and dental carries as the bacterial infection start to digest the sugar particles extracted from food in your mouth and transfigure it into acids as a leftover produce and waste.

On producing of such harmful acids produced by plaque, it starts to remove the outer enamel over the teeth, which is the first stage of cavities, causing into the formation of tiny openings or holes in the enamel. Once the surface of enamel is tattered, then such acids and bacteria reach into the next layer of teeth which is the dentin. After which one may need different to approach a dentist for getting their teeth fixated, Cavity Filling and different procedures are there which can save the damage caused by plaque.

Most of the dentists recommend following of the precautions to be taken by the people: –

• Brushing your teeth twice a day.

• Using floss on a regular basis after brushing.

Dental Caries Treatments

• Fillings

• Crowns

• Root Canal

• Extraction

• Cavity Filling

NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC, COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE offers a wide range of measures and processes to comfort you in getting your perfect smile.

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Dental implants

Dental Implant Clinic 

A perfect hygienic atmosphere and trust in your dentist is the most important thing that any patient considers before any dental treatments . An experienced faculty obviously means better treatment and results and it assures that the patient doesn’t have to undergo any unnecessary physical pain or worry. Dental implants treatment are very common in the present times and the procedure involves placing an artificial tooth root into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Though this treatment despite being quite common is also very important and has to be done carefully as they need to be natural looking and can enhance the facial structure and overall smile of the patient.

NDOCIC Dental Clinic the best dental implant clinic in India not only provides you effortless implantation but also with an endearing overall appearance. It is the result of NDOCIC’s extensive career which has spanned more than a decade that they fully apprehend the best solutions for replacing one or more teeth.

The teeth substitutes are made of biocompatible materials and unequivocally support the crowns and bridges. In regard to the myths that we can’t taste food properly with artificial teeth, Implants actually ameliorate the flavor of the food. Reason being the plastic doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth. Furthermore it helps in maintaining the bone structure and stanchions the facial tissues.

Our Team collectively focuses on rendering the patient with paramount service as implantation is carried out in the safest and most effective manner as possible. We incorporate the latest equipments and fathom the best methods and techniques of performing dental implantation treatment.

We as a best dental implant clinic in VADODARA proffering you with absolute care that you deserve is always our first priority, along with making the surgical operation comfortable and being transparent while giving the requisite information about the dental procedure in order to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with each stage of treatment.

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Full Mouth Dentures

Full mouth dentures, also known as fake teeth are for the people who lose their teeth as they age. Counting teeth are necessary for chewing the food you eat; getting complete dentures is the most optimal option. At NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC, COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE, you are rendered with top quality dentures at an affordable rates without consuming too much of your time.


We offer full dentures which are suitable for those people who have worn or are at present wearing dentures and have no natural teeth left. So whether you are replacing your older set of dentures or just require a backup set or are interested in enhancing your smile, we have diverse qualities and classes of dentures to befit your pocket.


All the dentures that we provide come with assured warranty and they are made using the full-proof techniques in certified labs. We have great expertise in the field of dentistry . Not only have they carried out numerous dental procedures successfully but also have made a respected name amongst the people as there is no limit to the number of visitors they receive from both domestic and overseas nations every now and then.

Also, the staff is equally trained and experienced enough to comprehend the needs of their clients. They know the best way of performing the procedure of complete mouth dentures. They help you in smiling or laughing again without ever making you feel worry again about your missing teeth.

Our goal at NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC, COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE is to give our clients the full dentures they want which bolsters their esthetics and makes their speech clearer again. At last, ameliorating the quality of your life is what our source of motivation is. We help you in becoming self reliant and avoiding all the trouble that comes from speech problems. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of revamping your esthetics. We have the best dentist in vadodara.

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Pain Free Tooth Extraction

Whenever you hear the word “Pain Free Tooth Extraction” in a dental procedure, you instantly know that it’s about root canal treatment. Root Canal treatment is the system of removing infected tooth nerve which happens due to trauma or bacteria. The special thing attached to this dental procedure is that everyone fears undergoing a root canal for the reason it is very painful.


Case Study

NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE is himself an extremely experienced Prosthodontist, Endodontist who has cured thousands of patients including children of all age groups. Either it is implying ceramic crowns or full mouth dental implants, NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE has full expertise of dentistry. Likewise, the staff is equally trained and pundit in executing dental procedures .

As it is said that practice makes a man perfect, NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE has full expertise of performing a pain free tooth extraction with a promise of enduring no pain after five minutes of surgery. Along with them, the equally trained staff has been giving successful results as well by saving infected tooth with this procedure rather than simply extracting the tooth.


The nerves and blood vessels and the damaged pulp are removed in the process. At NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC& IMPLANT CENTRE Dental Clinic, we have the latest technology and advanced equipment for performing the operation. The painless tooth extraction is done by specialists who ensure pain free remedy both during and after the process.


Since our dentists are always with you, there is no need to worry about deep cavities, injuries, and cracked tooth counting the treatment is done step by step without any hurry. In the procedure, we firstly make opening in the tooth through back part and then remove the damaged pulp with cleaning the root canal and pulp chamber afterwards.


Once the tooth is removed and canal is cleansed, the pulp chambers along with the canal are then enlarged and appropriately shaped so as to begin with the filing process aptly. The procedure at our clinic is hardy as the treatment needs proper maintenance and oral hygiene . But with us at your service, there is no trouble regarding anything and it is adequate to say that we are the optimum dental clinic in India that is equipped with all the latest gadgetry required to make the procedure efficient and affluent for you.

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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Vadodara, India

Having a child obsessed with junk food and chocolates might make you concerned about the dental consequences of such carelessness. Stopping and alienating your child from the chaos of life ain’t the best option! NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE brings you a variety of pediatric dentistry or childrens dentistry services that ensure your kids have the perfect smile. Treating tooth decay and other dental problems with home remedies can even worsen the problem, hence one should never risk dental health which also impacts your child’s physical well-being.


Our industry experts and highly experienced pediatric dental team are proficient in treating all problems like cavities, sensitivity, gum diseases, etc. Children usually get scared of dental procedures and equipment, however, our pediatric dentist experts have excellence in both the job and their friendly behavior towards calming down the kid’s anxiety during the process of Child dental care Gurgaon.

Being new to dental flossing and health care, children often tend to ignore day-to-day dental care steps that affect major dental problems simultaneously. Not being aware of the symptoms of such problems, they also become carefree and the problem goes unnoticed. This can be challenging for parents to regularly keep a check on dental health. Thus NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE is your forever go-to solution to keep your kid’s dental health in check! Having a proper dental check-up regularly for your kids can be the most effective way of approaching the problems early and treating them within sufficient time before it deteriorates.


Case Study

Why do you need a Best Pediatric Dentist?

A dentist specialized in examining dental issues for kids can be the most safest and efficient method of treating your children with the best treatment. Thus pediatric dental clinics should be preferred over general ones since they provide specialized treatment along with kids friendly environment.


Routine visits

It is still taboo among parents that dental checkups should only be done if any problem arises. It is highly advised to get your child done with routine checkups frequently to identify the problems early and even to avoid any dental ailments. Routine visits to pediatric dental clinics can help you make your child more aware of oral health and make sure they follow the dental cleanliness procedures daily.


The regular deep cleaning procedure

As said, children being unaware of proper oral hygiene procedures, need expert solutions to avoid hefty problems. Regular cleaning by dentists that specializes in kids’ treatment would help in having a healthy and perfect smile. Remember, your kid’s smile is the most precious gift for you, keep it glowing!


Cavity prevention

Kids having sensitive teeth and growing gums, need strict care to make their dental health stronger. At this growing age, they need proper care to have stronger gums and perfectly aligned clean teeth. Children’s enamel is delicate and prone to degradation. So, their enamel is protected and cavities do not form, many kids need dental sealants or other preventive therapy. Dental procedures can be easy and less time-consuming at the initial phases of the problem, however as time increases, the pain and process stimulation also increases.


Emergency and immediate care

Kids can be too carefree at times and can cause themselves big dental injuries during such encounters. While playing or while doing their usual daily chaotic activities they might hurt their teeth hard and can cause severe injuries which require immediate treatment. For such instances, a pediatric dental clinic is the most viable option. At NDOCIC – pediatric dentist Vadodara , our experts are highly qualified for such emergency handling. They are dedicated to providing your child with the fastest and most effective suitable treatment.


Teeth damage and alignments

Identifying your child’s dental needs early while they are of growing age will help you not only treat them on time but also make their treatment more adjustable. At this age, children’s gums are adjusting and teeth alignment can be easily corrected. Thus visiting pediatric dental clinics can make you realize the problems and cure them at their growing age. NDOCIC is the best clinic all over Vadodara to provide top-notch dental advisory and treatment for children.


Speech and biting problems

Locating speech problems is better done by a pediatric dentist since such issues are often not observed by parents. Speech can be a significant consequence of bad oral health and thus needs proper attention. Moreover, another issue that might get unobserved is proper biting and chewing habits. Kids Dentists specialized to examine kids give utmost attention to such problems and thus prescribe the right treatment.

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Restorative Dentistry (Dental fillings)

Dental restorative treatment:-

When decay is restricted to superficial layer of teeth, a Light Cure Composite Restoration can be used to restore the tooth to its normal function. It usually involves less or minimal drilling of the tooth structure.

Restorative Dentistry is indicated for:

Restoring cavity in the tooth.

Smile designing cases.

Diastema closure (gaps between your teeth).

Fractured teeth.

Hypoplastic/ stained teeth.



Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

1: Treats tooth decay at a primary level restricting further damage to the tooth.

2: Minimally invasive, bonds to the tooth.

3: Appears natural as it is tooth coloured.

4: No post treatment eating restrictions.

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Smile Designing Treatment

One of the greatest things that have attracted people to each other is a radiant smile. Reason being a smile speaks of your personality, appeal and confidence levels which take you a long way in life and career. Smile Designing Treatment is a set of advanced and highly demanding procedures for a Smile Makeover of an individual pioneered by NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE.


The vigour of a good smile can lift up your spirits regardless of your age. And it makes no sense in living in perturbation of exposure. Instigating braces is a very common phenomenon now. And more to that, with the technological advancement we have better kind of braces to suit your needs. Our vast experience in the field of dentistry has made us simply the best dental clinic in Vadodara, India.

We understand the worth of a smile and astutely analyze the aesthetic appeal of a person. Our staff has all the requisite skills and as a result of that they have successfully transformed the lives of people in abundance by giving a smile makeover which amplifies their good looks.


At NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE, the smile designing treatment is carried out by the seasoned professionals who attend to the patients in need of a smile makeover. For smile designing treatment, there is no age limit as everyone has the right to sport a refreshing smile. Even if you lack a few teeth or something, there are other dental procedures to fix those things for you such as dental implantation or crowning .


Our patients have agreed to the fact that getting a smile makeover from NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE was a great experience. Not only the procedure was undergone at a reasonable price but also the aftermath of getting smile designing was very enlightening for them.


NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE is now a household name for the people of Vadodara being the clinic situated in two locations that is Rajouri Garden and Pitampura. The premise is equipped with the latest tech and ultra modern facilities . So it shouldn’t take someone long time to think regarding where to go if one is interested in getting a smile makeover for the reason NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC,COSMETIC &IMPLANT CENTRE is the best place to visit.

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Teeth Whitening

Best Teeth Whitening dental clinic in Vadodara

Your dressing is never complete without wearing a sparkling and a beautiful smile!It is also known commonly as Bleaching. It refers to restoration of normal color to a tooth by decolorizing the stain present, with the help of bleaching agents. Thus, resulting in a whiter , brighter and pleasing smile.Indications:

Aesthetic (cosmetic purpose) or in case of yellow teeth.

Stained teeth/ Discolored teeth.

The teeth maybe stained due to following reasons:

  • Trauma to a tooth by a fall / blow resulting in direct impact to the nerve causes decomposition of pulp (nerve) tissue which result in discoloration of the tooth.
  • Medicament like tetracycline group of antibiotics, tend to stains teeth.
  • Following root canal treatment.
  • Extrinsic stains (due to tobacco, coffee, tea, smoking etc.)

Bleaching agents used are:

Superoxol (30% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Sodium perborate

Carbamide peroxide 20%


Office Bleaching:

The procedure is done in the dental clinic by the dentist. It is a single sitting procedure where in the desired result is immediate.

Office assisted or Home Bleaching:

The procedure is simple, painless and can be done at home by the patient himself with the help of Bleaching trays (custom made) which are provided along with the bleaching agent to the patient. Relevant instructions are given. The patient uses the bleaching agent overnight. With constant monitoring, the bleaching is generally completed in 3-4 session. (10-15 days).


-We have enchanced more than 4,000 smiles by teeth whitening through our journey of 34 years

-We promise instant results in one sitting

-Average treatment duration: 45 minutes

-We use special bleaching lights to ensure top results and the quick cycles of teeth whitening

-We promise a change of 3/4 shades in almost all cases , resulting in a clean, brighter and pleasing smile

-Top quality ,US-FDA approved bleaching agents are used

-The results stay for atleast 2½ years and can last for much longer if maintained properly

-It is absolutely safe – No side effects. The enamel of the teeth is not harmed in any way

-Quit Smoking by using teeth whitening as motivation. We have numerous patients who have successfully quit smoking after the treatment and our thorough counseling.

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Tooth Jewellery

In the age of ever-changing fashion trends and body modifications, tooth jewellery has become a popular choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Tooth jewellery is a unique form of body modification in which people have their upper and lower teeth pierced with gold or silver studs. This type of piercing originated in Vadodara, India, and has gained popularity among people all over the world.

What is Tooth Jewellery?

Dental jewellery is a type of body modification where jewellery is attached to the teeth. It is a relatively new form of body modification and is growing in popularity, especially among young people. Tooth jewellery can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and even glass.

There are many different ways to attach tooth jewellery, but the most common method is to glue it onto the tooth.

The type of jewellery you choose will depend on your personal style and budget. Tooth jewellery is typically made from gold or silver, and can be adorned with gems or other adornments. It is important to choose a reputable jeweller when getting tooth jewellery, as it needs to be fitted correctly to avoid damage to your teeth.

Most teeth jewellery can be removed easily if necessary. If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to accessorise your smile, tooth jewellery could be the perfect option for you!

Teeth jewellery is a great way to express your personality and style. It can also be used to make a fashion statement or to stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking about getting tooth jewellery, make sure you do your research and find a reputable piercer or dentist who can help you with the process.

How Much Does Teeth Jewellery Cost in Vadodara, India?

The cost of tooth jewellery in Vadodara, India can vary depending on the type of jewellery you choose and the dentist you visit. Simple designs may start at around Rs. 500, while more elaborate designs can cost upwards of Rs. 10,000. Some factors that will affect the cost include the size and number of teeth being adorned, as well as the materials used. For example, gold tooth jewellery will obviously be more expensive than silver or plastic options.

How is Tooth Jewellery Applied in Vadodara, India?

Tooth jewellery is applied at our clinic, by a process called “tooth jewellery bonding”. This is a process in which a metal or plastic piece of jewellery is attached to the front surface of the tooth. Tooth jewellery bonding is usually done by a dental professional, and it does not require any drilling or anaesthesia. The tooth jewellery is placed on the tooth with a special adhesive, and then it is left

to set for a few minutes. After the adhesive has been set, the tooth jewellery is then trimmed and polished to give it a natural look.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Tooth Jewellery?

The cons of teeth jewellery are that it can be difficult to find good quality jewellery and it can be expensive. The pros of teeth jewellery in Vadodara are that it is a unique way to express your personality and it can make you feel more confident.


Why Choose Us?

Tooth Jewellery is an exciting and unique way to add a touch of sparkle to your smile. At NDOCIC in Vadodara there’s something for everyone – from subtle designs to bold statement pieces. Whether you are looking for a fun addition to your special occasion look or want something more permanent, Tooth Jewelry can help make it happen. So why not try out some tooth jewellery today and get ready to dazzle!

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Upgrade your smile with teeth veneers

Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental laminates) are paper thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material designed to cover the front surface of teeth to enhance your appearance. They are made of ceramic or composite resin. Indirect (ceramic) veneers are more durable and require 2-3 sittings whereas direct (composite) veneers require single sitting.Veneers can transform the size, shape and colour of the teeth to a desired effect and are the most preferred and effective tools to give your smile a quick cosmetic makeover.

They require minimal to no preparation of the teeth and hence require a painless and minimally invasive procedure. Due to major advancements in ceramic technology and bonding science in dentistry, veneers now look, feel and function like natural teeth and are firmly bonded to the teeth, lasting many years.

Benefits of Veneers:-

1. It masks the intrinsic stains
2. It aligns the male-aligned teeth
3. It can change the shape of your teeth
4. It can remove old discolored restorations
5.It closes gaps between the teeth

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Full Mouth Implants

If you need to replace all teeth, a dental implant is a perfect option. It can give your smile back and last for many years. The full mouth dental implants is one of the surgical fixtures that restore intra oral defects like bridges, dentures, and others. Metal titanium binds both bone and tooth under the gum line, offering fixed teeth to the patient.

If you decide to take a dental implant procedure, you can choose the reputable dental clinic in vadodara. Dentist suggests the right dental treatment based on the oral problems of a person.


What Is Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The dental implant is a screw-like device placed inside the upper and lower jawbone according to the area where to place it. In full mouth dental implants, both lower and upper jaws support systems in replacing whole teeth. Those who lose teeth due to the accident can choose full dental implant treatment. It offers a beautiful smile so you can speak confidently in front of strangers. Based on the below-given aspects, the number of implants required for a full dental implant can vary.


Patient bone structure

Bridge type individual’s need to have inserted

The number of teeth a person needs to replace with the prosthesis

Teeth on the opposite side of the counter jaw

Consider Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

The cost of a dental implant can vary based on the different factors such as the number of implants, dentist experience, implant type used, and how long dental work is needed. This procedure doesn’t get huge in the patient’s pocket.


Choose The Best Dentist

Choosing an experienced dentist is essential for full mouth dental implants . They offer you high-quality treatment with advanced equipment for dental implant placement. Let’s see the benefits of selecting the top dentist for a full dental implant:


Offer brilliant aesthetics

Adjust the position of implant during the placement

Give strong connections and steadiness in dental implants

Create a custom dental implant plan for every patient

Place implants in the limited space

Provide cost-effective implant treatment

A dental implant is a perfect solution for restoring the lost tooth and maintaining the face shape and contour because the missing teeth slump on the facial muscle. After a dental implant, you can eat foot whatever you desire without hassle.

Reputable dental implant clinic offers low-cost full mouth dental implants in Delhi without compromising the quality of treatment, offering superior aesthetics of the new teeth.

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