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Dental Implant Clinic 

A perfect hygienic atmosphere and trust in your dentist is the most important thing that any patient considers before any dental treatments . An experienced faculty obviously means better treatment and results and it assures that the patient doesn’t have to undergo any unnecessary physical pain or worry. Dental implants treatment are very common in the present times and the procedure involves placing an artificial tooth root into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Though this treatment despite being quite common is also very important and has to be done carefully as they need to be natural looking and can enhance the facial structure and overall smile of the patient.

NDOCIC Dental Clinic the best dental implant clinic in India not only provides you effortless implantation but also with an endearing overall appearance. It is the result of NDOCIC’s extensive career which has spanned more than a decade that they fully apprehend the best solutions for replacing one or more teeth.

The teeth substitutes are made of biocompatible materials and unequivocally support the crowns and bridges. In regard to the myths that we can’t taste food properly with artificial teeth, Implants actually ameliorate the flavor of the food. Reason being the plastic doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth. Furthermore it helps in maintaining the bone structure and stanchions the facial tissues.

Our Team collectively focuses on rendering the patient with paramount service as implantation is carried out in the safest and most effective manner as possible. We incorporate the latest equipments and fathom the best methods and techniques of performing dental implantation treatment.

We as a best dental implant clinic in VADODARA proffering you with absolute care that you deserve is always our first priority, along with making the surgical operation comfortable and being transparent while giving the requisite information about the dental procedure in order to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with each stage of treatment.


How long do dental implants last?

Dental Implants are designed to last for many years, and with proper care can last a lifetime. We use the highest quality materials and the latest dental technology, so you can trust that your implant will be strong and durable. You should always practice good oral hygiene to ensure that your dental implants last as long as possible.

Is it painful to get a dental implant?

Many people are afraid of the pain associated with a dental implant, but the truth is that getting a dental implant is relatively painless. Our experienced dentists use advanced technologies and techniques that make the procedure as comfortable as possible. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your dental implants for many years to come without any discomfort.

How many sittings are required for tooth implant?

Generally, most dental implant treatment requires three separate visits to your dentist. During the first visit, your dentist will assess your overall condition and prepare the surgical site for implant placement. At the second visit, the implant will be surgically placed. Finally, during the third visit, the abutment and crown will be placed on top of the implant post.