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What are Dental Caries?

Dental caries is a term used by dentists, as to refer the condition of tooth decay or cavities. This condition of tooth decaying is growing rapidly nowadays and are much visible in people due to their eating and hygiene factors. But doctors nowadays got the solution to resolve this problem and also to prevent it from happening. The processor way in which it causes your teeth to decay is when you consume some food item and the type of bacterial element present on your teeth continues to break them down by producing some acidic component.

This type of bacteria stays on remaining to your teeth, entrenched as a very hard constituent which is called as calculus. This process stays goes on loop and thus a person needs to follow Dental Hygiene by cleansing their tooth on a regular basis so that it doesn’t form a layer of acid that has the ability to seriously damage the hard tissue of your tooth. After which it can result in the formation of dental cavities(caries).

What are the Causes of Dental Caries? And How to Prevent Dental Caries

If the personal dental hygiene is not being followed by someone then the person can generally notice Dental Carries on two main specific areas of the teeth: –

1. Occlusal caries

2. Interproximal caries

The occlusal caries are located on the uppermost of the tooth where the food elements are more usually and recurrently come in straight interaction with the teeth. Now talking about Interproximal caries, this dental caries develop a mid to the teeth. These two locations in a human mouth are more likely to get the problems of tooth decay and dental carries as the bacterial infection start to digest the sugar particles extracted from food in your mouth and transfigure it into acids as a leftover produce and waste.

On producing of such harmful acids produced by plaque, it starts to remove the outer enamel over the teeth, which is the first stage of cavities, causing into the formation of tiny openings or holes in the enamel. Once the surface of enamel is tattered, then such acids and bacteria reach into the next layer of teeth which is the dentin. After which one may need different to approach a dentist for getting their teeth fixated, Cavity Filling and different procedures are there which can save the damage caused by plaque.

Most of the dentists recommend following of the precautions to be taken by the people: –

• Brushing your teeth twice a day.

• Using floss on a regular basis after brushing.

Dental Caries Treatments

• Fillings

• Crowns

• Root Canal

• Extraction

• Cavity Filling

NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC, COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE offers a wide range of measures and processes to comfort you in getting your perfect smile.


Eating a balanced diet and reducing your intake of sugary and starchy food is essential in preventing tooth decay. Foods that are high in calcium, such as milk, cheese, and nuts, along with foods that contain Vitamin D, like fish, eggs and fortified cereals can help promote healthy teeth. Additionally, eating crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples or carrots can help stimulate saliva production which helps to wash away bacteria that cause cavities.

Dental caries can cause pain, but not always. It is important to understand that dental caries are a progressive dental condition and the earlier it is treated, the less intense the pain will be. If you feel any discomfort in your mouth, your dentist will be able to diagnose whether you have dental caries or another issue.

Absolutely! Dental caries can be treated, and the earlier they are caught the better. At NISHA DENTAL ORTHODONTIC, COSMETIC & IMPLANT CENTRE we specialize in diagnosis and treatment of dental caries, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Our team of professionals have the experience and expertise to help you get your smile back in no time.

Dental caries is an infection of the teeth caused by acidic foods and drinks that erode the enamel. Bacteria living in the mouth can also contribute to this process. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene to prevent dental caries and other dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist every six months can help to keep your teeth healthy.